Ministries of Communication

Ministries of Communication

Parish Pastoral Council Liaisons:     Nick Johnson

Parish Bulletin

The purpose of the parish bulletin is to keep members informed and connected to the church as well as helping people learn more about their faith. The bilingual bulletin is published weekly. The deadline for submitting information for the bulletin to be published 10 days later is at 12 noon on Thursday.

Parish Secretary & St. Mary’s Bulletin Team

Parish Calendar

The purpose of the parish calendar is to schedule meetings, events, and other activities for the entire campus, including both the school and church facilities. Space reservation forms are available in the church office.

Parish Secretary

Parish Directory

The purpose of the parish directory is to maintain current contact information for all parishioners and ministries. The database is kept current by the parish secretary and the paper directory is published on an annual basis. All registered members receive a complimentary copy and all new registering members are provided with this valuable resource. All parishioners are asked to notify the church office of any changes to their contact information.

Parish Secretary

Parish Website

The purpose of the parish website is to provide general information regarding our ministries to individuals who visit the site, as well as current news and photographs, registration forms, and links to other Catholic informational sites.


St. Mary’s Sentinel

The purpose of this weekly electronic communication is to keep members informed and serve as a reminder of upcoming events and deadlines. The deadline for submitting information to be considered is noon on Monday. The email is sent out to subscribers on Tuesday.


The Disciple

The purpose of The Disciple is to help the people of St. Mary’s to know their parish and to know their faith. It publishes articles about events in the parish and issues of faith that go beyond the announcements that appear in the weekly parish bulletin. The Disciple is published monthly.

Julianne Wiley