Parish & Family Life

Community Garden Club

The Community Garden Club meets the third Thursday of every month in the Gathering Area from 6:30-7:30pm. The purpose is to encourage and promote interest in a nd development in and development of all aspects of gardening and to promote community among the members and all parishioners. Membership is $15 per year. Raised bed gardens are available for the maintenance fee of $30 per year. Call the parish office for more information.

Hispanic Committee

Provides a welcome to all. They train and promote leadership to our Spanish speaking parishioners. Hispanic community members can then reach out to others by making them aware of their responsibility to their Church and community. Call the parish office for more information.

New Parishioner Welcome Community

New members are provided with parish information and referred to ministry leaders for involvement in the many aspects of parish life. A reception is hosted throughout the course of the year to welcome them to our parish community. Please call the parish office for more information.

Parish Health & Wellness Committee

Is comprised of registered nurses, professionals in the health care field, and people committed to the wellness of all people. This care is not only physical but also mind and spirit. The committee supports the parish nurse in health education, health promotion and health screenings, meeting one a quarter to meet those goals. The Health and Wellness Committee goal is to help members of our church and our community attain a fuller, healthier experience in living. Call the parish nurse at the parish office for more information.

Parish Nurse Program

The purpose of the Parish Nurse Program is to assist parishioners and others in the community to reach their optimal level of emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. The parish nurse is a registered nurse who functions as a member of the pastoral care team. He/she understands the mission of the church, accepts the holistic concept of care, and is an integrator of faith and health. The duties and roles of the parish nurse are that of a health educator, developer of support groups, health counselor, liaison with community health organizations, health advocate, resource person, coordinator of volunteers ministering to the homebound by visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes, bringing communion if requested or arranging for an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to bring weekly communion. Call the parish nurse at the parish office to receive more information.

Social Committee

Is an organization whose sole purpose is to arrange a variety of social events for all ages with the goal of bringing all parish families together in celebration and outside of normal liturgical events or prayer services. It is the goal of the Social Committee to help build a solid foundation of Catholic fellowship. Please call the parish office for more information.

St. Mary’s Gift Shop

This ministry sells religious items following each of the weekend Masses, as well as weekdays during parish office hours. Items not kept in stock can be special ordered.

Tuesday Maintenance Group

A men’s group meeting Tuesday mornings from 9 to about 12. They do any any kind of maintenance and upkeep around Saint Mary campus including items from plumbing, electrical, wood, yard work painting any miscellaneous items that need to be fixed in school or church. Put your talents and gifts at the service of the church. If you don’t have experience come and learn and enjoy fellowship. Work is done under the direction of the parish maintenance director.

Ladies United

Act to support, empower, and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service. Their programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the church and society in the modern world. Through fundraising events, the Ladies United purchase many needed items for the church’s use. Call the parish office to receive more information